How We Can Help?

    • Kids have moved out and it's time to downsize and move into a smaller home.
    • A family has suffered a death in the family and has a considerable amount of items that need to be liquidated.
    • Family Member is moving into a retirement home and needs to sell items they are not taking.
    • A company is closing down and needs to liquidate its' assets.
    • It is time to sell a collection of items. (Coins, Clocks, Die-Cast Toys, Etc.)

Who We Are

We are an auction company that helps families, lawyers, or anyone who are settling an estate or considering downsizing. We provide a solution for converting personal property and real estate to cash in an organized and rapid method of sale.
Estate Details is a concept of Musser Bros., which was established in 1956. Estate Details was established in 2020 to create a dedicated format to focus on estate auctions. 
Estate Details is operated by Jacqueline Musser who is a third-generation auctioneer. Jacqueline has a Bachelors in Business Administration from Central Washington University, with a background in Sales and Management with a Fortune 500 company. Jacqueline also serves as the Marketing Director for both Musser Bros and Trucks and Auto Auctions. Having been raised in the auction business going to the farm auctions, working at auto auctions and conducting estate auctions she understands the ins and outs of the auction world and what it can do for her clients.

Contact Jacqueline for a free consultation at 509.581.5390 or jacqueline@mbauction.com