How to Buy Firearm


Buying a Firearm at Auction


Our Online Auction Firearm Sales Process


Create Account

Registering with us is free and allows you to save items, sign up for reminders, and place bids. You don't need an account to browse auction inventory.



We will release a firearms catalog quarterly. Firearm auctions will be online for approximately 3-4 weeks. During the team the catalog is live you can browse through photos and call with any questions you may have.


Place Your Bids

When the auction is live, you may bid on any items. (Be sure to enable email and text alerts to be notified if you've been outbid.) If you win the item you were bidding on, you'll be notified to finalize payment. Or let us know that you would like to pay cash and you will be able to do that when you come into fill out paperwork.


Pick-up or Ship

After the auction, you will be provided a link via shipping saint to designate whether you would like to pick-up or ship your firearm. If picking up you will fill out paperwork in house. If shipping you will need to have an FFL dealer provide us with a copy of their license.

Getting Started with Our Online Auctions

What is the paperwork required to purchase a Firearm?


  • 4473 completed form
  • Washington Firearm Transfer Application form completed for handguns & semi-automatic weapons
  • For rifles and shotguns we will call in a NICS check to see if you are approved right away, if you are not we will contact you as soon as we hear back.
  • For handguns and semi-automatic weapons there will be a 10 day waiting period after paperwork is submitted


  • Copy of FFL license from the FFL dealer that you have made arrangements with
  • Once packing is done you will be provided an invoice to pay for shipping

Our Firearm Cataloging Process

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